The Marketer's Journey

82% of the buying cycle is spent doing research, but not research that includes talking to salespeople. It’s in front of their computers or phones.

On this episode, I interview Christina Bottis, CMO at Coyote Logistics

What we talked about:

  • Career Journey: Mentors who encourage you to leave the comfort zone are everything
  • Customer Journey: Creating the buyer journey starts with empathy with the buyer
  • Personal Journey: How to love your work travel and keep yourself balanced

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To create trust in the buyer’s journey, you have to be consistent. Just as employees have to buy into the brand of their organizations, buyers have to buy into the brand and the product.

On this episode, I interview Julie Springer, CMO at TransUnion, about how to build a consistent brand — and therefore build trust:

What we talked about:

  • Career Journey: your team will fail without a sense of mutual trust
  • Buyer’s Journey: brand consistency is everything
  • Personal Journey: work/life balance often means ditching your phone

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Marketing is a discipline with a lot of functionally specific excellence—and a good CMO will let them get on with their expertise. CMOs have to be able to explain the executive team’s needs to the marketing team and vice versa.

On this first episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I got to talk with Maria Pergolino, Chief Marketing Officer at Forbes Communications Council.

What we talked about:

  • Why you should let the email marketer get on with sending email
  • How Maria’s high points were also her low points
  • The 2 pieces of advice for a senior marketer to jump into the executive team
  • Mentorship vs. Sponsorship
  • Balancing over 80,000 customers

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I love speaking to marketing leaders…learning about how they got where they are, what worked and what backfired. I also love having them challenge my ideas. It gives me a fresh perspective that I can take back and share with my team.

So many times when I’ve been having these conversations I’ve wished we’d been recording them — there’s just so much value in what these leaders have to say. Well, get ready. Because from now on, that’s exactly what we’re doing. 

This is Episode 0, our introductory episode, of The Marketer’s Journey. In this episode you’ll get to know our host, Randy Frisch, CMO at Uberflip. We’ll also talk about what you can expect this show to look like going forward.